January 06, 2022 1 min read

Exciting New CEEFIT just hit the US market........ Here is what we know about this product.



CEEFIT – The fitness tracker for horses.


Smartphones, fitness tracker and automatically synchronizing calendars make our everyday life easier and organize our daily activities. With our CEEFIT designed by Seaver, we allow you to easily analyze your training and your horse’s health. Gone are the days of loose sheets and training diaries. Redesign your training by measuring and visualizing it the progress.



The connecting app can be found on the App store for IOS or Google Play for Android.   Just search for Seaver.


Is there a guarantee on the CEEFIT?

Yes, there is a 2 years guarantee for Production defects


How many horses can I follow with the CEEFIT?

The application is designed to allow you to follow an unlimited number of horses.



Equestrian Health


The CEEFIT sensor when connected to a smartphone can measure your horse’s movement symmetry, cadence, jump elevation, GPS tracking path and much more.  When combined with the Pulse and ECG Girth, the horse’s heart rate, stress, effort and recovery can be tested along with generation of a full ECG (electro cardio gram).


Buy CEEFIT now (click here)



Used by professional trainers like Laura Graves!



Maggie Robbins
Maggie Robbins

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