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The crown piece is the “strap” that goes over the Poll 


  • The crown piece should not be too tight, especially around the ears and poll

  • check when your horses' ear goes back.   Some bridles come with added soft padding underneath for extra comfort.  Most anatomical bridles have cut away areas behind the ear as well. 







 For your Horses' comfort, check his ears can move freely!




The browband Sometimes Can be a different size, you can also show off some Bling! 



  • Sometimes your horse needs a Full Size bridle, with a Warmblood size Brow band

  • Band.   Check the Brow band measurements.   Also, some suppliers will sell you a bridle without a brow band, at a lower cost, and offer choices of brow bands available for you purchase.  So you can choose the right fit and jazz up your bridle with that extra Bling at the same time


Brown Band with Real Swarovski Crystals





The Bit connects to the check pieces


  •  Make sure the bit is wide enough for your horses' mouth. Shouldn't be too tight or have too much extra width. 


  • Most snaffle bridles have adjustments on both sides of the cheek straps.  Make sure they are on the same hole on both sides



The cheek piece on the right holds the bit.  The cavesson is resting one finger below the cheekbone. 






The noseband or cavesson wraps around the nose. 






I like the noseband to be 2 fingers below the prominent cheek bone



There is much debate over the appropriate tightness of the noseband.  Please refer to your Trainer and Veterinarian and Horse's preference on this as you fit a bridle.  Please note that the tighter it is, the more pressure it exerts on other parts of the bridle, such as the crown piece.  I also suggest using a pad or squishy under the noseband where it crosses the jaw bones.  Many newer bridles have this feature built in.  As far as placement goes, one finger below the cheekbones is usually good for your generic snaffle bridle (with or without a flash).






I like a lot of room for the noseband





  • I like a looser cavesson, maybe two or three fingers can fit between the leather and my horse.  The sensitivity and touch of the riders' hands has more to do with your horses mouth than the tightness of the noseband.


  • A lot more bridles come with padding on the crown piece and nose band.  Or you can purchase padding separately for the comfort of your horse




If You use a Flash noseband, make sure it doesn't pull the noseband down as you tighten it



  •  Also make sure the buckle placement is not near the sensitive lips of your horse, so it won't pinch his mouth.





When it comes to Figure 8 Bridles it's important that the fluffy padding is resting on the horses' Nose bone 



  • Make sure the nose band part of the Figure 8 bridle is resting on the cheek bone.   If using a drop nose band be sure to monitor it closely as these nose bands can affect your horses' breathing and also rest on the very delicate thinner bones when it gets too far down on the horses nose.





 Figure 8 Bridle favorite of 3 Day Eventers





Fitting your New Bridle




  • Its best to oil your new bridle.   It makes adjusting your new bridle for a perfect fit much easier.  


  • Make sure that the snaffle has 2 soft wrinkles above the mouth.   Bit placement is very important for the comfortability of your horses mouth. 




Enjoy your new tack!     Keep it beautiful or oil your new bridle with 




Maggie Robbins
Maggie Robbins

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