WTP (Winning Tongue Plate) Rearing Bit with Brakes

  • WTP (Winning Tongue Plate) Rearing Bit with Brakes is used with total control for sales, race-day, and every day.
  • Creates poll pressure and leverage over the horse.
  • The adjustable nose and chin chains create control.
  • Prevents injuries better race and sales results. Made of a steel design and two adjustable chains.
  • Horses are a herd animal, and it is what they see that can make them excited and react badly.
  • Trainers are replacing hot ear muffs with this Rearing bit.
  • You can use the Creating poll, nose and chin pressure for better control.
  • Brilliant for young horses at auctions and training.
  • Pull then release, teaching the horse to respond kindly.
  • ONE SIZE    Adjustable



# 4665