• The CEECOACH® 2 Duo is the first choice of Professional Trainers. 
  • The system allows up to 6 devices to communicate at a distance of up to 500 yards from each other.
  • Users can connect a wired or Bluetooth headset to each device for clear and secure communications without the need to yell or wait for people to be nearby.
  • The system creates a secure, closed, high-power Bluetooth connection between units free from interference by nearby wireless signals.


  • 6 devices can communicate up to 500 yards away
  • System creates a secure high-power Bluetooth connection, no inferference
  • # 1 Choice of Trainers


  • 2 x CEECOACH 2 devices
  • 2 x Clip mounts
  • 2 x Premium wired headsets
  • 2 x USB charging cables
  • 1 x USB twin adapter 1 x Manual