Horze Mullen Mouth Weymouth Bit

  • Traditional Mullen style curb bit with straight bar
  • Stainless Steel
  • Includes curb chain
  • Weymouth curb cheekpieces
  • Pair with Bradoon bit for complete dressage double bridle

Have precise control for training and showing with the Horze Mullen Mouth Weymouth Bit.

This Weymouth bit is typically used in conjunction with a bradoon snaffle bit to create a double bridle. It is typically used in upper level dressage, but may also be used by other disciplines. Curb bits on their own have little directional control, but are used for their leverage in aiding the horse to bend at the poll. This Weymouth is made of quality stainless steel and includes a curb chain with an extra link for the addition of a lip strap (sold separately).

Size Chart

# 13051