Tough1® Performers 1st Choice Pro Nylon Training Halter

  • Tough1® Nylon Training Cavesson is a great training aid engineered for use during groundwork, lunging, and even riding.
  • Scientifically engineered for training, fully adjustable, nose plate with soft comfort padding, 3 dees on flexible nose plate and over check rings on crown piece.
  • Heavy duty nylon web halter recommended for the serious trainer
  • Fits average horse. Nose adjusts 23 1/2" - 25 1/2".
  • Cavessons should fit above the soft tissue of the nose but below the cheekbone.
  • Positioned too low, cavessons can potentially obstruct breathing.
  • Consult a trusted equine professional for assistance with proper fit.

One Size -  fully adjustable


# 52-1115-0-0