Wither Tracing Measuring Kit Instructions



We are happy to send you everything that you need to make your own tracings of your horse.

The kit costs $25 and includes:

  • a special flexible tool to bend over the horses withers and back
  • a data sheet to fill in your information and the tracings
  • a crayon to make the markings on your horse’s tracing spots
  • a marker to fill out the data sheet and transfer the tracings
  • a measuring tape to measure the distances between the tracing lines 1, 2 and 3


Step 1:

  • Make sure your horse stands on an even ground with the head in a “similar – to – riding – position” (not too low or too high) and is untacked.
  • Take pictures from the right and the left side of your horse as well from behind and up (step on a chair or mounting block, from a safe distance so that we can see both shoulders as well as the spine of your horse).   Straight shots not taken in an angle.


Step 2:

  • Take the crayon and make a line at the most prominent part of the shoulder of your horse.
  • The second line is right behind the “bony” end of the shoulder blade.
  • And last but not least make a line right behind the withers. Its usually the spot where you sit when you ride without a saddle.
  • Now take the bending tool and bend it over the first line. Make sure that you press it soft but firm onto the horse’s shoulder on both sides equally. Transfer the tracing onto the paper and mark it with a 1 for line 1.
  • Repeat this step for tracing spot 2 and 3.
  • Finally use the measuring tape and measure the distance between line 1 and 2 as well as 2 and 3 and write the numbers on the info sheet as well as next to the tracings.

Finally, use the provided return label and send back the measuring tool, the tape together with the info sheet. Please send the pictures in an email to