5/A Baker® Expand-O-Blanket Turnout for Foal & Pony 200gm

  • 5/A Baker® Expand-O-Blanket is just the thing for miniature horses, ponies and fast growing foals.
  • A 1200 denier woven polyester waterproof and breathable outer shell and 200 gram Curvofil IV insulation keeps your foals and ponies warm and dry.
  • Teflon finish for stain resistance. Easy to clean and comfortable, this is the perfect blanket for your growing horse.

The front closure and belly band with stainless steel hardware overlap the body for maximum size adjustment. (The extra large size features an additional surcingle strap and adjustable fit strap at withers.) Fully detachable, elastic leg straps and removable tail cord keep the blanket in place.


# 7053