Halter Navy/Brown & Hunter Green/Brown Beta - Cotton Safety Halter

  • A "Beta" Take on the Everyday Halter delivers next-generation performance in style!
  • Perri's new Cotton Beta Halter combines two excellent materials, heavy cotton and hassle-free Beta, to create a solid, eye-catching halter.
  • What exactly is Beta? Beta is a lightweight coated nylon that is stronger and more durable than both traditional nylon and leather.
  • Although it's one of the most hard-wearing, longest-lasting materials offered in the equine world today,
  • Made in the US

Beta remains soft, supple and remarkably pliable. Beta also does not absorb sweat or moisture, making it less likely to irritate or chafe your horse. Knowing safety is of the utmost importance, we added an easily replaceable break-away tab. This allows the halter to break free if a horse panics, pulls back or gets caught up. If an accident does occur, the broken leather tab can be readily replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new halter. We finished this halter with a convenient snap at the throat. What can make this halter even better? It's made right here in the USA!


Product Code: 175HNYBR