Horze Rubber Mullen Mouth Pelham Bit

  • Mullen style mouthpiece
  • Rubber covered mouthpiece
  • Pelham style cheekpieces
  • Designed to be used with two reins, or a bit converter
  • Offers more precise control with snaffle and curb action

Designed for horses that require more precise control, the Horze Rubber Mullen Mouth Pelham Bit also offers a mild mouthpiece that is well tolerated by most horses.

The rubber mullen style mouthpiece offers consistent pressure across the horse's tongue and bars, while encouraging chewing and increasing salivation, which helps to relax the jaw. Pelham bits allow more precise control by mimicking the effects of both a snaffle and curb bit. Pelham bits are designed to be used with two reins, the snaffle reins is attached at the mouthpiece, while the curb rein is attached at the lower ring. Alternatively, a single rein may be used with a bit converter.

Sizes  4", 4 1/2", 5", 5 14", 5 3/4"

# 13037

 # 13037