Spot on Braiding Wax

Spot On Braiding Wax went through months of development and over 10 iterations of recipe testing to ensure a high quality product. This braiding wax is perfect for horses that dislike spray braiding products and for braiders that don't like the feel that other braiding prodcuts leave on their hands and the mane. 

Benefits of using Spot On Braiding Wax:

  • Good grip and a non-greasy feel when braiding.
  • Helps create perfect braids with no fly aways
  • Braids left in overnight stay tidier.
  • Makes braiding easier and less stressful
  • Great for training manes too!

All ingredients are all natural and were carefully selected for their beneficial properties for hair and skin. Our braiding wax contains the following base ingredients:

Beeswax, Candiella Wax, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E, and Lavender Essential Oil. 

  • Beeswaxand Candiella Wax provide grip and resists melting in warmer temperatures.
  • Shea Butterprovides soft grip and can soften and smooth dry, itchy skin. 
  • Jojoba Oiland Coconut Oil are fast absorbing oils that moisturize dry hair and skin without feeling greasy. No more dry and flakey manes!
  • Vitamin Eis an antioxidant and a natural anti-inflammatory that can soothe and calm skin.
  • Lavender Essential Oilprovides a pleasant, floral scent that is often used in aromatherapy.
  • Peppermint Essential Oilprovides a invigorating fresh scent and can help with mental focus. 

Note: As a precaution, even though all ingredients are natural, it is recommended that you try a small test patch on your horse. 

Regarding Lavender Oil and USEF/FEI Drug Rules, please see our FAQ page. 

For Animal Use Only. EXTERNAL use only. Please do not use in/around eyes, in mouths, ears, noses. These products have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. The use of herbs or oils for the prevention or cure of disease has not been approved by the FDA or USDA. These products are not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or aliment, or provide calming properties