Tough1® Adjustable Web Side Reins - Horse

The Tough1® Adjustable Web Side Reins 

  • Can be a helpful training aid when working on a horse's contact and balance when lunging or working in-hand.
  • They are constructed of durable poly/nylon web and feature 6 sewn-in dee rings on each rein for multiple rein position options.
  • Reinforced snap ends for easy attachment and elastic end for a little bit of give.
  • 1" wide x 45 1/2" long each rein (9" of elastic on each rein)
  • To use, start by attaching the non-elastic end to girth by looping side rein around girth and snapping to your desired dee ring. Elastic end can then snap to bit. Double-check that each side is adjusted equally.

# 52-1130